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PLACTAL / Teal Blue・Matte Silver rim

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2023 Japan National Champion Kohei Nishimura’s signature model Body: Polycarbonate (PC) Center part: Aluminum (AL) Rim: Stainless steel (SUS) This yoyo, made of the materials above, is named “PLACTAL”. Metal models are the main choice for players in recent competitions of 1A. PLACTAL is the model that has been developed over a long period of time in order to compete with those metal models. It is based on “FRACTAL”, Kohei Nishimura’s signature model, which he used when he became a national champion. The rim shape of FRACTAL released after August 2023 has been changed, but this model uses the original FRACTAL rim shape because the development of this product started in early 2023. The rim is heavier than FRACTAL and other JT bimetal models, and also the approach of joining the body and the rim is unique. To meet our ideals, it took us about three months to deal with the blurring. We achieved stable production by making various adjustments, such as adjusting the body thickness and shape, selecting the axle size, changing the center part with a spacer of a prototype into the united part. PLACTAL attracts players by creating a fresh feeling by having a perfect ratio of rotational power, stability, and controllability. Please experience JAPAN TECHNOLOGY’s newly proposed high-end model with a plastic body and stainless rim. ※ JAPAN TECHNOLOGY inspects all products by our standards depending on the characteristics of each product. Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about blurring, uneven coloring, or small scratches. <YoYo Spec> Diameter:56.2mm Width:44.3mm Weight:66.0g Axle:M4×12mm Bearing:size C (Curved) Pad:Slim (OD 19mm) Signature:Kohei Nishimura

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