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【B-grade】FRACTAL / Soft Blast Grandidierite

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This is an individual with vibrations that do not affect play. Due to the nature of B-grade, we cannot accept returns or refunds. This is an expensive item, so if you are even slightly concerned about the B-grade, please refrain from purchasing. Since the way vibrations are felt differs from person to person, we cannot reply to your inquiry. I'm not sure if it's helpful, but Kohei Nishimura always uses FRACTAL with a B-grade or lower. The soft blast coating used on FRACTAL is a soft surface treatment, so the color of the bearing lock may be peeled off, but please note that this is a product specification. B-grade does not come with a wooden box. Please purchase only if you understand everything. <YoYo Spec> Diameter:56.2mm Width:44.1mm Weight:64.8g Axle:M4×8mm Bearing:size C (Curved) Pad:Slim (OD 19mm)

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