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Mirage was released in 2019 and fascinated many fans due to the strong spin and stability even though its a small diameter. New Mirage was revamped by increasing it's diameter by 2mm. New Mirage was aimed to be used in competition scene, and it was redesigned so that every tricks can be done at higher level. Mirage is a universal design that can adapt to various styles such as 1A, 3A, and 5A. By extending the width to 45 mm, we were able to achieve desired weight distribution. We also focused on the feel when you hold it in hand, when you throw the yoyo, and when you catch it after you wind it up, so that anyone can feel comfortable playing with it. By receiving feedbacks from multiple competitors and adjusted the weight after averaging a size of hand and finger of the testers, we were able to develop a yoyo that we can recommend with confidence. By keeping good aspects of previous version, evolved Mirage's performance will unleash your potential and will become JAPAN TECHNOLOGY''s new standard model. <YoYo Spec> Material:A6061 Diameter:56.4mm Width:45.4mm Weight:64.6g Axle:M4×8mm Bearing:C size Pad:Slim (OD 19mm)

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