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Bryan FIgueroa is legendary player who is 6 times US national champion. He has released many signature yoyo in the past, and joined Japan Technology in 2015. He has been involved in brand promotion, product development, and mentoring young players. In 2016, AIRE and AIRE JAPAN EDITION were released and caught many players attention. These were developed under the concept of “inheritance,” “evolution,” and “fusion” AIre was remix of Kamui, which was Bryan’s weapon of choice for long time. By combining both Bryans and JT experience and knowledge they developed and built Trueno. Trueno is a model that will initiate many people to challenge offstring and begin having fun. Trueno will become an excellent tool that will help you hone and sharpen your true potential in 4A. <YoYo Spec> Diameter : 75.2mm Width : 63.6mm Weight : 76.3g Bearing:C size(Flat Shape) Pad size:Slim size