JT Trial Set / Amulette(Black)+MIRAGE(Matte Silver)
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JT Trial Set / Amulette(Black)+MIRAGE(Matte Silver)

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  • Amulette【Black】+MIRAGE【Matte Silver】

It is a set of popular models "Amulette" and "MIRAGE" of JAPAN TECHNOLOGY. The manufacturer specifies the color depending on the stock status. Color bias is a manufacturer's problem that inevitably occurs. This is a new attempt limited to overseas shipping, where the manufacturer can purchase the JT Model at a reasonable price instead of adjusting the color bias. Please take this opportunity to try the popular model of JAPAN TECHNOLOGY. 【Amulette Spec】 Material:POM Diameter:76.1mm Width:64.0mm Weight:74.6g Bearing:C size(Flat Shape) Pad size:Slim size 【MIRAGE Spec】 Material:A6061 Diameter:56.4mm Width:45.4mm Weight:64.6g Axle:M4×8mm Bearing:C size( Curve Shape) Pad:Slim size