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Amulette / White(Blue core)

6,930 JPY

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Due to the impact of COVID-19, some countries and regions are experiencing delays. Please order after understanding. Please note that if we are unable to ship due to regulations, we will cancel or contact you for other shipping methods. 【Amulette】 Japan Technology invented Amulette under the radar with aim of global standard. Amulette turned out to become a model that we like to recommend to those who are looking for a step up from molded model to POM model, people who are looking for new option for competition, as well as for entry to advanced level of soloham. Stability and strong spin are key features in this design which will satisfy many player. We researched ideal diameter, width, outer shape and weight placement to reach the the perfect performance. To achieve weight distribution we were after, we had to develop and design all new core parts from scratch. By doing many research to create something that will assist people to create new concepts of tricks and styles for offstring, Amulette was created after we kept going after a model that is almighty. Design on the core parts was inspired by Japanese patterns often seen in Japan talisman and amulette. Amulette will contribute to interest more players, and raise the level of offstring scene. <YoYo Spec> Diameter:76.1mm Width:64.0mm Weight:74.6g Bearing:C size(Flat Shape) Pad size:Slim size

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