Air Spur(White)

Air Spur(White)

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This is the newer model of “Air King” which is JAPAN TECHNOLOGY’s 10 th anniversary model. The width is the same, but the diameter of the yoyo and the bearing size are adjusted to a smaller size. The weight of the yoyo is inspired by the flagship model “EAGLE EYE” One of the biggest features of Air Spur is that players can feel comfort by seeing more width even though it actually has a smaller diameter. The strong turning force which is necessary for quick operation and stability makes any combo tricks easier. The body is designed to fit A size bearings. It is not just a smaller model of Air King, but it also gives players extra comfort when playing. Air Spur gives hope to players who want to bring out their best possibilities. This off string model that is made in Japan will take players to the world that they dream. Diameter: 69.5 mm Width: 66.3 mm Weight: 75.4g Bearing:A size(Flat Shape) Pad:EAGLE size Made in JAPAN