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It is a monometal model developed in commemoration of 10th anniversary of JAPAN TECHNOLOGY. Designed to be YoYo loved by many players. We adopted A6061 as a material. It was finished in a design based on LaPua. Comfortable feeling, tenacious power, weight distribution corresponding to 3A and 5A. MIRAGE is a model that combines various elements. It will also demonstrate its power in fine chopstick tricks and complex string tricks. MIRAGE will also satisfy experts who perform high difficulty tricks. MIRAGE has great power that can not be imagined from the appearance. Please feel the design skills of JAPAN TECNOLOGY. <YoYo Spec> Material:A6061 Diameter:54.47mm Width:42.4mm Weight:65.7g Axle:M4×8mm Bearing:C size Pad:Slim (OD 19mm)