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"65 grams - The Possibility of Monometal" JAPAN TECHNOLOGY proposes a monometal yoyo, "ADEL."It is an orthodox yoyo for competition. We got a hint from the off string yoyo models. JAPAN TECHNOLOGY finally found the special weight distribution. Bimetal models are mainly used now because they are light, spins well, and is stable. JAPAN TECHNOLOGY's unique research successfully made the monometal model have a performance similar to Bimetal models by calculating the diameter, width, weight, and shapes. In cooperation with the production factory, we completed producing ADEL only one year after we had the idea. You can feel its smoothness and move it as you want. With 65 grams, ADEL is just like FiReal. This makes it possible for you to play at speeds of which you would never imagine from its weight. Please experience the increase of spin in the last half of the combo and the stableness with JAPAN TECHNOLOGY's monometal yoyo. <YoYo Spec> Diameter:57.0mm Width:41.7mm Weight:65.1g Bearing:C size(Curve Shape) Pad size:slim(1A)